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SPLAT Wants You!

The Special Projects Library Action Team (SPLAT), sponsored by the Idaho Commission for Libraries (ICfL), has several openings to fill at the end of 2017. ICfL is currently soliciting applications from individuals working in the Idaho library community to serve a three-year term on SPLAT. We need representatives from all types of libraries, especially school

Easy graphic design

I’ve been making signs for library programs and events for quite awhile now. I’ve both created and witnessed very bad graphic designs. Some of my early designs were done in Office 1997 using Word and Publisher. Back then the use of WordArt and ClipArt was novel and, in my eyes at least, a creative way to

Virtual Reality going mainstream

VR headsets, like the ViewMaster headset which has been so popular in the SPLAT idea labs, have hit the mass market.  Dozens of new headsets are available online and in local stores for prices as low as $10-$30.  This is an inexpensive tool to fire up the imagination in young minds!

Turning Individuals into Leaders

As I brainstormed different topics for my blog post today, I had a hard time landing on something. I first thought about doing something Christmas and holiday related. But, I figured that most librarians and educators have already closed the books on their holiday programs, events, and displays for this year, so I scratched that

SPLAT well represented at Internet Librarian 2016

It was a great Internet Librarian Conference for SPLAT representation this year! A total of four current and former SPLAT members were in attendance and gave presentations. Current members Deana Brown and Crystal Miller shared their experiences with SPLAT’s Summer Adventures on a panel, “Engagement Strategies: Different problems, similar solutions”. They shared how these face-to-face interactions

Bloxels and Other Ways to Create Video Games

Floors Recently, I hosted a Classic Video Game Extravaganza for our middle and high school students (we spent the majority of our time on Free80sArcade, Atari, and TankTrouble). While looking around for other video games to play, I was reminded of Floors, which a colleague on SPLAT had mentioned to me. Basically, you draw a video game

Wearable Electronics

One of the best ways to show off LED projects is wearable accessories. In the maker lab we used LED lights, button batteries and electrical wire or copper tape to adhere lights to our projects. Our first project was a vest we made for our local garbage bash fest. The second was glasses that we

Space is a Premium: How will we use it effectively?

Is It Time to Rebuild & Retool Public Libraries and Make “TechShops”?

Three things I learned from my Library Maker Space

Having the resources to begin my maker space, and the belief in how it could change lives both in place, I jumped forward with no hesitation. Nothing could stop me. I was the invincible programs librarian with a mission! Almost two years down the road the excitement is still with me, but I have plateaued

Can’t wait to see you at ILA!

Are you heading to the ILA Annual Conference in Idaho Falls? We’d love to see you at one of the many presentations by current SPLAT leaders! THURSDAY 10-11am BoiseCodes: A Citywide Coding Initiative William Nation & Kate Radford, Boise Public Library In March, 2016 the City of Boise launched an initiative called Boise Codes to