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Easy graphic design

I’ve been making signs for library programs and events for quite awhile now. I’ve both created and witnessed very bad graphic designs. Some of my early designs were done in Office 1997 using Word and Publisher. Back then the use of WordArt and ClipArt was novel and, in my eyes at least, a creative way to

3D Printing in Libraries

Last year, 2013, was very exciting for 5 public libraries in Idaho who had the privilege to be included in ICFL’s pilot project “Make It”.  Make It has given our libraries the resources, training and motivation to bring makerspaces, and more importantly the maker culture, into our communities.  Now this is not the forum to

iPad and Apps


For the last month I've been playing around with an iPad from the SPLAT Gizmo Garage.  Many of you who attended the ILA conference in Pocatello saw members of SPLAT walking around with our various tablets and eReaders and somehow I lucked out by getting the iPad.  I've been an Apple fan for many years but couldn't ever justify

Free Software to use with Teens

     I try to incorporate technology into most of the programs I do with teens.  As you all know technology can be expensive and software can be hard to find.  The programs I use are normally free and easy to use.  Although some of the programs listed below have advanced features that would require an

Syncing Calendars

How many of us use Outlook on a daily basis? Do you use the calendar in an attempt to stay sane with your crazy schedule? I always seem to be on the move and have a tendency to forget things unless I write them down. In an effort to feel more streamlined