Turning Individuals into Leaders

As I brainstormed different topics for my blog post today, I had a hard time landing on something. I first thought about doing something Christmas and holiday related. But, I figured that most librarians and educators have already closed the books on their holiday programs, events, and displays for this year, so I scratched that plan (even though I bet your offerings were fantastic!).

Then I thought I might give you words of wisdom by sharing the best library quotes around. But, there are just too many for one blog post to contain (but I might suggest thumbing through Library Quotes, a website service of United for Libraries, ALA, and ilovelibraries.org).

After that turn, I considered giving you some New Year’s Resolutions, and even found an article titled, “New Year, New Library!” which, even though it was written in 2014, still holds water as we head into 2017. But, it seemed just a little bit early to be talking about New Year’s Resolutions (but if it isn’t, the article has some great things to say).

So, I’ve decided to share a video that I first viewed at a library conference about leadership. In a quick 3 minute video, we are introduced to “dancing guy” and given some important lessons on leadership. Librarians are leaders in their community, but we are also perfectly positioned to be those “first followers” that can turn courageous individuals in our communities into leaders.