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Video Games Hit EBCL

Well, after listening to Stephen Abrams this Summer and Fall, talking about it and consulting with Ada Community, we (East Bonner County Library) decided to start an inaugural video game collection!  Within the next couple of weeks, customers / patrons will be able to choose from 66 games to check-out.  Many of the games we

Learn Library 2.0 (online, of course!)

If you or your staff want to experience the whole concept of Library 2.0 and everything that entails, by all means run and sign up for the Five Weeks to a Social Library course.

From their website:

The course was developed to provide a free, comprehensive, and social online learning opportunity for librarians

LIBWORM: RSS & Libraryland goodness!

LIBWORMSimilar to Dylan's earlier post on keeping current with libraryland issues, enter LIBWORM (in beta), billed as a "search engine, a professional development tool, and a current awareness tool for people who work in libraries or care about libraries."

LIBWORM uses over 1400 RSS feeds from

Get Trendy!

Want to keep up with what's trendy in the library world? Scope out the newest offering from Library Zen -- LISZEN: Trends. This new website lets you read, submit and vote on library-related news stories from across the Internet. Think of it as an online

Get Your Word(s) On

Google Docs & SpreadsheetsAt the final New Technologies and New Literacies for Teens meeting at the Idaho Commission for Libraries, the day's "knock-your-socks-off" tool was Google Docs & Spreadsheets. The librarians there thought it was pretty sweet that

4 Librarians Serving Teens

Video Game Teen

Courtesy of the LibGaming Google Group, I learned about an excellent resource for libraries serving teens. Check out Teen Video Game, Anime and Programming Information for Librarians created by Megan Johnson, Teen Librarian at Rochester Hills Public

IM and MySpace continue to be blocked at EITC Library

I've been enjoying the blogs about IMing and MySpace but I continue to be frustrated about using these as the IT dept here at EITC has blocked these (and will not consider unblocking.) 

So! we will not be able to use these options here, and hope that other SPLATTERS will continue to post to the LILI Splat

School and Web 2.0

Great research from a 19 year old web designer/programmer whose blog (Solution Watch) has a three-part post titled "Back to School with the Class of Web 2.0" on using new web technologies in the classroom. From the blog:

"During the last few weeks I have researched possible scenarios

Just in time for Halloween!

 tombstoneI finally logged on to and think it has a lot of potential for library programming. I heard Stephen Abram mention the site at the Digital Natives Conference in July and again when he presented at the 2.0 2.0Look out world (wide web) -- Ada Community Library has a brand new website! After several months in development, we finally went live last Friday (10/20/06) with our new and improved web presence.

Our new website features blogs (for each department and