Video Games Hit EBCL

Well, after listening to Stephen Abrams this Summer and Fall, talking about it and consulting with Ada Community, we (East Bonner County Library) decided to start an inaugural video game collection!  Within the next couple of weeks, customers / patrons will be able to choose from 66 games to check-out.  Many of the games we ordered, will be available in both their Playstation and X-Box versions.  We also ordered a few computer and Game Cube games, so come check them out!

 ALSO: We are purchasing a video game console (we haven't decided between X-Box and Playstation) for program use.  ALA's first ever Teen Technology week is approaching in March and we are planning to have a Dance Dance Revolution competititon!  I'm excited!

 If you've had a DDR program, drop me a line and let me know how it went.