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Simple Pleasures : Sunshine and fresh air with your fellow librarians

Today I'm in Boise for our quarterly SPLAT meeting, and once again I'm reminded by One of the Simple Pleasures in Life!  That is, I am together with my fellow librarians, hearing about their libraries and how they solve problems (or create work-arounds for those problems) and what cool and useful techie gems that are

Taking notes on a Nook

ProfHacker featured a story today on how we can use the color Nook for a lot more than just reading.  Turns out that if you install Droid software and SWYPE, the color Nook turns into a teeny word processor.  And, the notes files can then be exported to Notepad or Word.

Hmmm...  Very tempting ...


Have a

The State of America’s Libraries, 2011

Hard to believe 2011 is almost over. How did libraries fare? Will 2012 be radically different? Better? Worse? The same? Well, if you haven't read this year's The State of America's Libraries, 2011 it is available online, or at


What is the future of libraries?

"In the future, it seems, there will be no fixed canons of texts and no fixed epistemological boundaries between disciplines, only paths of inquiry, modes of integration, and moments of encounter." - Carla Hesse

What is the future of libraries when knowledge is

ILA presentation: QR Codes: A Guide for Libraries

I had a great time at ILA! Great seeing so many Idaho library folk sharing ideas for making their libraries great. If you missed

Internet Librarian 2011!

SPLAT members Jezmynne and Amy will be at Internet Librarian next week! Will you be there? 


We'll be talking about User Experience and Producitivy, sharing some tools we've learned about. Check out the whole program here:

SPLAT Craft Basket?

Kate Baker and I just had a conversation about crafts at ILA.  She just created some marvelous fabric jewelry and knitted coffee cozies while sitting on the SPLAT couch.

We would like to keep the yarn bombing basket and some knitting and crocheting tools & supplies as a "craft basket" that will become part of the

When Is Good … looks good!


My forward-looking Facebook Friend Jim Milles, just posted a link to "When Is Good."  It is an online scheduling product that appears to work well for all kinds of groups.  Unlike other kinds of software, it automatically identifies the "good" times for the originating author.  And, it's pretty...    Very nice!

Have a look at:

Common Craft does it again: it’s the QR Code video!

The good folks at Common Craft have created a video that explains QR Codes and how they work. When Common Craft makes one of their informative videos on a topic or technology, it means it's already in the mainstream of interesting technological advacements.

To view it, go to or, if you already have a QR

Get bombed in Boise!

Yarn bombed, that is ...

yarn bombing

A friend once told me that interest in crafts
is cyclical, and that it runs in seven-year cycles.
Crafts don't ever really go away, but popularity varies.

What's the latest trend?  Knitting and crocheting are on