Public WiFi – More Dangerous Than You Think

You all know me… I’m concerned about personal security and privacy and staying safe online.  I think it’s an important part of our lives and certainly an important part of information literacy in ANY library.  And it’s challenging to balance how much you choose to share about yourself on social networking sites while remaining safe

Culture eats strategy for breakfast!

Technology is a means to create meaningful conversations with people.  Digital transformation comes down to people.

PowToon: Superpowered Presentations!

With the concepts of “Show, Don’t Tell,” and “A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words,” firmly imprinted on my brain, I decided to make a presentation about this website, using this website, instead of talking about this website. But, before I do that I should mention three things: 1) This website is called PowToon, and

A Good Book + A Fun Walk = Storywalk!

If you’re looking for a fun, creative way to get your Library out into the community, you might try a Storywalk. Developed by the Vermont Bicycle and Pedestrian Coalition to promote outdoor activity for kids, a Storywalk is a combination of an engaging story, a scavenger hunt, and a walk around town. The basic design

Trends, Futurists, and Much More!

Just finishing the second week of a San Jose State University MOOC, entitled “The Emerging Future:  Technology Issues and Trends.”  So many resources to share — here are a few just to get started: Organizations To Watch Institute for Ethics: Emerging Technologies (Links to an external site.)  “A nonprofit think tank which promotes ideas about how

The digital divide with Seniors

Many of my technology encounters at the library have been with Seniors. Sometimes the request for help is simple. Sometimes it is complex. In nearly all cases there is a level of frustration. Seniors require a different approach in teaching style. Kids, even when they don’t have access to technology at home, have a natural

Which FOSS Web Content Management System?

In July Amy asked this question on the SPLAT! Facebook page: “What’s the best open source platform (content management system) for managing web content?” At the time I slipped into reference desk mode and asked for clarification: “The best open source platform for managing web content is going to depend on what you want your

On Jumping into the Twitterverse (or, Why this explanation deserves more than 140 characters)

More than five years ago I had to create an account in something that most people had never heard of – Twitter. It was for a tech class I was taking, led by library tech guru Linda Braun, @lbraun2000. I did my requisite one Tweet, then left my account to gather dust. At the time

YPULSE: Youth and Millennial Marketing

I’m all about stealing other people’s great ideas (which is why Creative Commons is such a great idea for me hehe). Now my boss (the awesome Karen Yother) likes to refer to it as “not reinventing the wheel,” and others comment, “that everyone remixes used ideas.” Either way, this week’s post is thanks to (the

Waze – Crowdsource Driving

I’ve been using Waze a lot lately, especially when I go to bigger cities.  Waze is a crowdsourced driving and map app that combines quite a few features to make it a handy app for navigating unfamiliar cities as well as roads right in your backyard.  Waze’s base maps are loaded by Google Maps, but