I have talked bookmarking tools before (see my post on Diigo), but I stumbled across a cool one – one with a graphic interface – and decided I needed to share. Symbaloo lets you create a “mix”, or a group of links, on virtually any topic, and then share them with others. You can even and

I'm a big fan of open source software. I also play the baritone horn in the local community band. One of the other members of the band also plays the baritone horn, but, while I learned to play the baritone horn reading music written in bass clef in the key of C, my companion, who

Agile Web Development & Heat Tracking

I’d heard the term Agile Development before, but the term seemed so daunting… what kind of code did I need to know?  Did I need to program?  What kind of computer did I need?  It was too much.  However… I attended a session on Agile Development at Internet Librarian, and it turns out it is

3D Printing with the Cloud

3D printing seems to be blowing up the internet and the world right now. From owners printing prosthetic legs for their dogs, to a Sonic Screwdriver for our Teen Doctor Who Christmas Party, the applications and uses of this technology continue to excite and amaze us. My library was dropped into this new world when

JobScout for Job Seekers

We have all had those patrons who are looking for work but whose computer skills are not quite where they need them to be. Just filling out an application or uploading a resumé can be frustrating for some. It can also be frustrating for Librarians when people need help at what I call the the

When technology fails

We’ve all been there. The computer that dies or becomes infected with spyware, printers no longer printing, power failures, equipment damage due to power surges, or the internet goes down. I’ve dealt with all of this the last few weeks at the library. The initial reaction is to panic which invariably makes the problem worse.

Learn (and teach!) Code

Computer Science Education week is coming up and libraries across the country, including mine, are participating in Hour of Code. If you haven’t hear of it, Hour of Code is a world-wide learning event where people can learn basic computer code. Last year, over 15 million people participated and I was one of them. During

Positions available on SPLAT!

The Special Projects Library Action Team (SPLAT), sponsored by the Idaho Commission for Libraries (ICfL), has several positions to fill at the end of 2014.  ICfL is currently soliciting applications from individuals who are working in the Idaho library community to serve a three-year term on SPLAT.  We need representatives from all types of libraries

Public WiFi – More Dangerous Than You Think

You all know me… I’m concerned about personal security and privacy and staying safe online.  I think it’s an important part of our lives and certainly an important part of information literacy in ANY library.  And it’s challenging to balance how much you choose to share about yourself on social networking sites while remaining safe

Culture eats strategy for breakfast!

Technology is a means to create meaningful conversations with people.  Digital transformation comes down to people.