YPULSE: Youth and Millennial Marketing

I’m all about stealing other people’s great ideas (which is why Creative Commons is such a great idea for me hehe). Now my boss (the awesome Karen Yother) likes to refer to it as “not reinventing the wheel,” and others comment, “that everyone remixes used ideas.” Either way, this week’s post is thanks to (the

Waze – Crowdsource Driving

I’ve been using Waze a lot lately, especially when I go to bigger cities.  Waze is a crowdsourced driving and map app that combines quite a few features to make it a handy app for navigating unfamiliar cities as well as roads right in your backyard.  Waze’s base maps are loaded by Google Maps, but

Omeka is O-mazing

Do you have a special collection of items, especially multimedia, that are languishing inside a box somewhere? Want to find a way to allow more people to notice them? Publish them on the Internet! Though the solution seems simple enough, it’s not as easy as it looks. If you want to make your items visible

The Fitbit in the library – maybe

Personal devices are the hot new consumer electronic trend right now. Some show really great promise at solving certain medical problems. Others just further propel people toward increased internet connectivity and socialization. These devices present problems for libraries in many of the some ways that tablets, ipods, and laptops do. There is the increased bandwidth

Community Building Summit, and Marketing, Too

In May, ICfL held a Community Building Summit with a handful of libraries from across the state and lead by Pat Wagner of Pattern Research, Inc.  Participating libraries brought a team of people including at least one community member and one trustee.  Each team created a plan integrating the community partner and trustee, designed to

Association for Rural and Small Libraries coming to Tacoma!

Are you going to ARSL?  For most of us’ns in Idaho, we are small, and we are rural.  With the Association for Rural and Small Libraries coming so close to us in Tacoma, consider coming! This is our chance to get together and share our ideas, network with librarians just like us, and learn from

Websites I Love

It’s sad really, but some of my favorite websites are all about technology – especially websites and apps. A few are education/library-specific, but most are just general tech sites. Even when I have no immediate use for the the resources being discussed, I still find it interesting to know who’s using what app or site,

5 Random Apps to Try

So I know we’ve mentioned Netted by the Webbys before, but they continue to do a fantastic job locating interesting things to try around the internet. Here are five apps/sites they mentioned recently that you might enjoy: Quotery Discover famous quotes and start your own personalized collection. Glide Send and receive video messages instantly; watch

Updating the library website

Just over a year ago I started looking at my library’s website. It was in dreadful need of updating. The style, content and organization had not really been touched since the last major update several years ago. Web designers recommend updating a website’s visual design and function every 2-3 years, and ours was certainly overdue.

Scribd – the “Netflix of Books”

In the last couple of months I’ve had several people ask me about Scribd (http://www.scribd.com). So, I thought I’d take a few minutes to let everyone know what I’ve learned about it. Scribd has been around since 2007 and is currently made up of two components – an “E-book” section for publishers to market and