A Glog on a Blog

Last week I got the chance to show off my awesome Glogster skills at Garden City Public Library’s staff day. For those of you who haven’t used Glogster yet, it’s an online tool that lets you create a virtual poster that integrates audio and video clips, images, graphics and data for a multimedia experience. It’s geared mostly for teachers and students and is great for collaboration. The basic version is free, but if you are planning on collaborating with a lot of people or if you don’t like adds for Glogster at the top of your Glog, you do have the option of purchasing this product.


My Glogster presentation at Garden City focused on my experience as a member of Boise Public Library’s Innovation Table, and includes several links to my favorite resources for fostering new ideas. I’ve also recently created a Glog for another group about the Aarhus Public Library in Denmark. Check out the embedded video on the amazing lab space they set up to experiment with what libraries will be like in the future.


Even though I’ve only used Glogster for presentations, there are lots of other ways that libraries could use this technology. For example, here’s a Glog on Dystopian YA Fiction that works like a flowchart for people who have read The Hunger Games and want to know what to read next. Glogster is also pretty easy to use—everything is drag and drop, and there are tons of creative elements and backgrounds to use to personalize your Glog. In fact, the hardest part about using Glogster is deciding between different colors and graphics. Has anyone else found any Glogs that would be useful for libraries?