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Learn (and teach!) Code

Computer Science Education week is coming up and libraries across the country, including mine, are participating in Hour of Code. If you haven’t hear of it, Hour of Code is a world-wide learning event where people can learn basic computer code. Last year, over 15 million people participated and I was one of them. During

Ready or Not, Here They Come!

Smartphones. Tablets. E-Readers. Apps. Every day new technology integrates itself into our daily lives in ways we never could have imagined. If you are a child in America today, you are constantly exposed to more screens, apps, and devices than anyone from previous generations. Some parents embrace the change, and some are hesitant to expose

Getting SPLATTY Across Idaho

This week, SPLAT members had the chance to visit two libraries and share their experiences using mobile devices and Overdrive. On Monday, we visited the Kuna Library and brought devices from the SPLAT Gizmo Garage for staff members to play with during their morning meeting. We had a great time discussing the differences between e-readers

A Glog on a Blog

Last week I got the chance to show off my awesome Glogster skills at Garden City Public Library's staff day. For those of you who haven’t used GlogsterRead More

Listen Up!

Circulating Ideas is one of my favorite Library-related podcasts. Its host, Steve Thomas, interviews noteworthy people in Library Land asks them to share insights on their various blogs, projects,