Simple Pleasures : Sunshine and fresh air with your fellow librarians

Today I’m in Boise for our quarterly SPLAT meeting, and once again I’m reminded by One of the Simple Pleasures in Life!  That is, I am together with my fellow librarians, hearing about their libraries and how they solve problems (or create work-arounds for those problems) and what cool and useful techie gems that are making their work better and their patrons more informed and capable.  We also talk about how to make the connection between the non-techie realities of library life and the new world that is on the horizon. (or may be staring us in the face…)

So the bottom line is this:  everyone has too much to do and let’s face it:  will this ever change? But, DO make time to join your local group of librarians!

Put it on your calendar today!

*and personally, it doesn’t hurt that the weather in Boise is inevitably warmer and sunnier that in SE Idaho…