What is geolocation?

Any mobile device has the capacity to share information based on location of the device. For example, based on my IP address, a Google search will show me local information as opposed to information in another city. Apps can suggest places for users to visit based on the type of app, and the location of the user. There are many geolocation apps out there. People “check in” at different locations in order to find friends, earn rewards, read tips, find recommendations, and more!

Add your library as a place, or edit the entry if someone else has already added it. You can enter your street address (Google map is included, phone number, and your library’s Twitter name.

  • Add tags relevant to the library. For example, I have added the tags library, books, music, movies, and wifi to my library’s Foursquare entry. If you are in the area (Foursquare is a location-based service, so it knows where you are) and search for wifi – guess who’s at the top of the list? Yep – the library.
  • Add Tips and To Do lists. When you check in to a place, you have the option to add tips of things you can do there, and you can create To-Do lists of things you want to do there. For libraries, both are helpful – it’s a way to broadcast your services to Foursquare players. To Do lists are handy, because you can make the list and other players can add those To Do list items to their lists, too. When they do something on those lists, they gain points. Think of it as a fun way to get people doing stuff at your library! Just think – someone could gain points by getting a library card – how cool is that?
  • Add your big events. Then, you can have an event check-in with prizes for the first person who checks in, etc.
  • Shout outs. These are a type of status update, and can be sent to Twitter and Facebook. So do stuff, then shout out that you’ve done them.
  • Check out your library. First, go to FourSquare.com and search to see if your library has a venue on FourSquare. Then, create an account, claim your space, and add tips!

    Check out the page for Albertsons Library:  https://foursquare.com/venue/764565

    Other geolocation apps to be aware of include: 

    • Google Places
    • Gowalla
    • Near Here
    • Yelp
    • and more!