Exploring Mobile Reference at Handheld Librarian V!

Next week I am co-presenting on Exploring Mobile Technology. My colleague and I have been doing just that, exploring mobile reference, over the past year. We’ve been experimenting and trying new things, and learning from these experiments. We are ready to share what we have learned with you!

Lots of individuals have mobile devices now, and many of them are using them to access information. It’s important for us as librarians and library staff to learn about mobile devices, and how everyone is using them, so that we can help people get the best information, and quickly. 

What have you experimented with? What do you wish you could do with mobile technology for reference services? Let’s talk!

And in the meantime, check out the Handheld Librarian V line up here:http://www.handheldlibrarian.org/

Join us once again for what will be an intense online professional development opportunity for librarians who love technology!

Day 1 of the conference will feature professional development for librarians by librarians. This is the grass-roots nature of our highly successful program. Handheld Librarian V will build on the success of prior conferences in which an array of presenters share their experiences and insights on topics addressing themes such as ebooks, location-based social networking, lending devices, reference and mobile technologies impacting society. You can see the quality of the content by looking through our past archives.

In addition to the concurrent sessions, the conference’s keynote address will be delivered by Christina Warren, Writer, Speaker, Podcaster and Video Host at Mashable.