Gadget Garage

Boise Public Library started a great program this year with the generous support of our Friends of the Library and managed through our Services and Technology Team (SATT). It is called Gadget Garage and the purpose is to help staff learn more about new technologies by having the ability to checkout equipment and play with it for a couple of weeks. Items that are in the Gadget Garage include iPads, Kindles, MP3 players, Flip Video cameras, iPod Touches etc.
Words from SATT: “The Gadget Garage was designed to fulfill a perceived need for hands-on access to new and emerging technologies by Library! employees.  It is hoped that the availability of these items will allow staff to become increasingly familiar with said technologies, better equipping them to answer both patron questions, and to satisfy their own urgent curiosity.”
I love this program because I have been able to get better acquainted with new tech like the iPad and it helps me stay tech savvy and better interact with library patrons. If you want to know more about the program leave a comment and I can get you in touch with the awesome staff responsible for this great innovation. I would love to see other libraries do this program too. Special thanks to BPL’s SATT Team and our Friends of the Library for making such innovations possible.