Texting Assignment

In an effort to connect with the freshmen in my class, I polled them about what they do with their phone, and what they do on the web. Well, all of them text and send texts, so here’s the assignment I came up with. 

They need to take their initials (mine would be A and V) and go to a part of the library with the As or the Vs and then text me what subject that is. They can, for a bonus, tell me what their initials together stand for, but mine, AV, doesn’t exist. 

I am hoping that they will learn the “browsing” technique of information behavior and that they will learn more about the Library of Congress subject heading. 

Also, you’re probably wondering if I am using my cell phone for this. I am not! I am using my Google Voice account. Also, all of our students can send an SMS message from their google chat (in their campus mail account). 

Cool stuff! Are you using texting in the classroom or library?