What college students want in a library

This summer my library (the main level at least) will be receiving a long-overdue makeover: new computer lab, new furniture and computers in the existing lab, new carpet, new paint, new furniture, new surfaces on the old furniture we have to keep and a 10 gigabit network connection. To gather student input I am using a very old school method: a cart full of carpet and fabric samples, etc. and a legal pad on which students can make comments…not very library 2.0 but that’s a story for another post…

I wanted to share the 4 comments and questions we have received so far (in the week since Spring Break). Although small in number, I think they say something about what our students want in a library…

1. Do the chairs for the computer labs lean back? (they do)

2. Make sure couches are really soft (check)

(are you seeing a trend in numbers 1 and 2?)

3. Have several hidden nooks to study in (probably not on the main level, but a primary goal for the upper (quiet) level)

4. The noise from the flourescent lighting could be looked at (that’s for sure, but unfortunately not in the budget this time)

They are looking for comfort. They like to have private hideaway spaces. And their desire for comfort is not just about furniture but also about ambient noise and, I would say, the quality of the light.

I’ll try and post additional comments as they come in.