News Readers: Bloglines or Google?

During ILA in Moscow we of the SPLAT group talked to a lot of folks about news readers and how useful they can be.  Invariably many of you asked, "Which one would you recommend?"   While there are many readers out there, we usually went with Bloglines or Google Reader.  Both have their fans and malcontents, and one of my favorite websites (Lifehacker) has an extensive post about switching from good ol' Bloglines to the flashier Google Reader

It's a good post, and has plenty of logic for switching.  But read the comments after the post and you will find another great discussion on the pros/cons of switching (and alternatives to both). 

Sign up with both (or a different one) and play around a bit to see which one feels right, but the key here is to get one!  You will find your web browsing experience greatly enhanced and it's an excellent way of keeping up with the world wide web.