Internet Explorer Gets A Facelift

If you are a windows user you will soon be getting (Nov. 1st?) a new version of Internet Explorer 7 (IE7).   For those of you who like and have grown accustomed to IE6 you have the option of stopping the automatic download of IE7 by downloading this toolkit:

However, check out Micro Persuasion's post about IE7’s revolutionary (for Microsoft) use of an RSS button to subscribe to web pages straight from the browser. In other words, your new windows browser has a built in RSS feed sniffer that checks for RSS feeds from the webpage you are viewing.   

Much like IE7 is doing now, the open source browser Firefox has a bazillion kinds of nifty functionalities, including the tabs (and way before IE7), but since a good chunk of the pc market uses the windows operating system, many more people will discover the power of RSS subscription through IE7.   

Or at the very least, RSS will come to the forefront of web functionality and many more questions will be raised about what you can do with RSS.  To get you started, visit the whimsical and informational post “How to explain RSS the Oprah way.” 

Of course, if you want to make the most of RSS you have to get your hands on a news reader.