Get SPLAT-ed in Moscow!

IM, BLOG, text messaging, SKYPE, JYBE…  For many of us, these words are almost a foreign language!  Yet, they represent the tools and skills of our digital native library users.  How can we keep up?  Where can we start?  We can begin by doing something that librarians excel at—learning.

What’s the best way to learn something new?  Well, for many of us, the most comfortable way to try new technology or software is to learn from a friend.  With a little bit of show and tell, a few notes, and some one-on-one training, it’s easy to master the basics of IM or BLOG-ing.  At ILA, SPLAT can get you started.

Please let us share with you!  At ILA in Moscow, your “friend-ly” SPLAT team members will be available throughout the conference near the registration desk.  Please stop by to learn some new skills.   (We might even give you something “splatty” to take home.) 

See you in Moscow!