Hey Dylan

I love the symbols in the "toolbox" right above the box I'm typing this in. Pictographs? Hieroglyphics?

Makes you wonder about how far we've come, and yet we're still really close to the original. I especially like the "omega". Kind of foreboding, like maybe we're also close to the terminal point.

Somebody should really try to decipher the message in the symbols. Of course, first we'll have to decide how to read them; left to right? right to left? Top to bottom? Bottom to top? So much of our culture is based on how we read stuff.

Stephen Abrams talked about eye movement. (Though he was mistaken about newspapers. People scan from the top right hand of the sheet..that's why the lead story is there.) Western civ has us comfortable with left to right…do digi-natives break this mold? If so, how does it affect their brain? Communication? History? Linear progression?