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A Google A Day


Love the thrill of the information hunt?  Are you a trivia nut?  Have you heard about A Google A Day?

A Google A Day is a neat feature



Lost a manual?  Do you even keep all the manuals that come with all your stuff?  What about just grabbing a digital copy of that manual so you don't have to worry about storing it in a junk drawer!

ManualsLib is a FREE manual library containing over 45,000 manuals for download or viewing!  The search

Password Management

Passwords... we all struggle with them.  The security people in this world say we need to think of aggressive and unique passwords, that we need to make sure that none of our passwords are reused or used for different services... that the weakest link in our personal security is the one site we use with

Have you heard of Flickr?

Hi!  My name is Jezmynne Dene, and I'm a member of Idaho's SPLAT!

Have you heard of Flickr?  Flickr is a photo hosting website, which you can use for free to host your pictures, or, you can choose to pay an annual membership.  Free Flickr allows you to upload up to

Anythink Libraries

Last week I got the wonderful opportunity to tour the Anythink Libraries in Denver with some of the BEST Idaho librarians!  There were four of us, and we had a blast touring most of the Anythink Libraries and learning from their successes.  What is Anythink?  Anythink is a revolutionary group of public libraries that are