Websites I Love

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It’s sad really, but some of my favorite websites are all about technology – especially websites and apps. A few are education/library-specific, but most are just general tech sites. Even when I have no
immediate use for the the resources being discussed, I still find it interesting to know who’s using
what app or site, why they’re using it, and what they think about it. It just makes me happy.

Some of my favorite sites are:
MakeUseOf: This site offers a little bit of everything, tech-wise. My favorite thing is the daily “Cool Websites & Tools” post. Each day, they post a list of useful or interesting stuff. Usually websites, browser plugins, apps or how-tos.

Free Tech for Teachers: The intended audience for this blog is K-12 teachers, but I’ve found several interesting tools that I’ve incorporated into my work. It’s where I learned that Haiku Deck (an awesome PowerPoint alternative) now has a web app.

Netgalley: Gives librarians and other “readers of influence” access to e-galleys. Once you sign up, you can start requesting books from publishers. Most publishers prefer that you review the books to which you get access, but the rules for librarians are a little lax. I have rarely been denied access to a title, and I almost never review (I’m a bad, bad librarian). I highly recommend this for both professional development and personal entertainment.