Please Don’t Stop the Music =D

Ever need a quick music fix? Ever need to hear a song that you don’t have on your iPod?
Ever need an awesome playlist fast?

When music first started going digital, these things were a little harder to come by. But
now, there are plenty of free online options that let you listen to almost any song you could possibly need, create playlists, and get suggestions from others. Many of these sites also have a mobile version that you can get for your tablet, smart phone, or iPod.

If I’m dying to hear a song, I normally just look up the music video on Youtube (which I
find has almost any song I could possibly need). But, if you’re looking for playlists or just the song, I figured I’d give you a few places to check out.


Plug in an artist, song, genre, or composer and Pandora will set up a radio station of
songs similar to your entry. This is the most popular option at the moment.

2. Spotify

“Millions of tracks, any time you like. Just search for it in Spotify, then play it. Just
help yourself to whatever you want, whenever you want it.” Spotify makes it really easy to share what you are listening to on Facebook, so this is another option gaining momentum.

3. Grooveshark

“Grooveshark provides free music streaming, online radio stations, and lets you connect with artists and friends.” Several of my friends use Grooveshark when there is that one particular song they want to hear.

4. Songza

“Working? Throwing a party? Songza has the perfect playlists for any occasion.” Although
this is a pretty new website, so the selection isn’t as great as some of the other options, Songza lets you listen to music that you might not find any other way.

Extra: Moreofit

Although this isn’t a music website, I thought it was pretty cool. It lets you search for
websites that are similar to each other. So, if you search for Pandora, it will give you a huge list of other websites to try out.

Obviously, these websites are pretty similar to each other. So, try some out and find
which ones work best for you