Magnt & Presumes

Having an online presence has become almost mandatory, but there are so many options it can be somewhat overwhelming to get organized. Here are a few that are quick and easy ways to share your interests, market your skills, and provide your contact information without having to invest a ton of time.


Magnt is a fantastically fun and easy way to put your picture, biography, and contact info all in one spot. Not only does Magnt walk you through the process step-by-step, but it also allows you to set up a stream of all your other social media accounts for visitors to check out. Set up to be mobile-friendly, Magnt has a handy button for a downloadable vcard right from your new website. Seriously, it takes maybe 10 minutes to set up. Find out more here:


If you’ve attended a SPLAT session in the last year, you’ve heard us talk about Prezi, the online presentation program that is oh-so-cool. The latest trend is to create an online resume using Prezi to present your skills using videos, pictures, and more. Of all the presumes I reviewed while preparing for the post, this one is by far the best: It is short and simple. The zooming and panning doesn’t make the viewer dizzy (definitely a bonus). Most importantly, the images and the text work together to tell a story, from the use of simple lines and arrows, to zooming in key places to create suspense and resolution (review the Pub Nights image through the next few clicks as a great example of this). This link provides some tips on developing a presume: There are a few fun examples at the bottom of the post.