Facebook at Your Fingertips

Learn to use Facebook to your (read: your library’s) advantage at ILA this October.

Whether you’ve happily jumped on the Facebook bandwagon or you’ve been nervously avoiding it until you’ve “done some research”, now is your chance to get more information and tools to effectively market your library using Facebook. Check out SPLAT’s presentation at ILA in October and come find the SPLAT couches to talk one-on-one with the SPLAT members.

I’ll be covering all the Facebook basics, from creating your own account to creating a Facebook “page” for your library.

Already have Facebook & Twitter accounts? Find out how to link these accounts (and others, like Google Calendar) to streamline your account updates and send out automatic event reminders.

Discuss and share Facebook apps that your library uses to provide patrons and colleagues with access to your online catalog, Flickr account (see Jez at the SPLAT presentation to learn about Flickr), slides and PowerPoint presentations, and your library blog.

Network with other libraries and librarians through your Facebook account by sharing ideas, events, photos, and videos with each other. Learn how to chat with others in real-time. This is a great way to communicate with colleagues during ILA presentations to discuss and keep track of ideas and tricks you might want to implement at your library after the conference.

Questions? Feel free to email me or track me down at ILA. We look forward to seeing you there!