Have you heard of Flickr?

Hi!  My name is Jezmynne Dene, and I’m a member of Idaho’s SPLAT!

Have you heard of Flickr? http://flickr.com
 Flickr is a photo hosting website, which you can use for free to host
your pictures, or, you can choose to pay an annual membership.  Free
Flickr allows you to upload up to two videos and 300 MB of pictures each
month.  For 24.99$ a year, you get unlimited uploads and more advanced
organizational features.

Flickr is more than just simple picture hosting.  You have the ability
to tag your pictures with as many relevant descriptors as you like, as
well as write detailed descriptions of the images, and you can even
geolocate your pictures on a map.  So how is this relevant to libraries?
 Well, you take a bunch of pictures of an event you have, and make sure
that when you upload those pictures you describe the fun everyone
enjoyed.  Then, you tag your pictures with your library’s name, the
city, and related keywords to the event.  Finally, make sure to geotag
your pictures so when users search Flickr and find your pictures, they
know where your library is located.

Flickr lets you link to individual images, groups of pictures you make
into a set or a collection, or your entire feed.  Flickr offers widgets
to put your pictures right onto your website, or if you use blogging
software, you can use easily installed and free widgets.  This way,
visitors to your library’s website will enjoy images of special events,
new displays, and/or activities you share.

Flickr is a great tool for picture sharing and has a lot of great
features included with its inexpensive membership or free membership.
Want to learn more about Flickr?  Check out SPLAT’s presentation at ILA
in October, and talk to SPLAT members on the SPLAT couches!  We’d love
to show you more!

I look forward to seeing everyone at ILA!