Jing: Screen Video Capture

For a little while now, I’ve wanted to know how to capture video from my
computer screen. If you click the “Print Screen” button on your PC, you
can get a picture of your screen and then paste it into a program. But,
I’ve seen several companies make tutorials and introductions while
recording what they are doing on their computer screen. I wanted to figure out
how to do that.

So, I asked some of my colleagues and they mentioned Camtasia.
This software allows you to capture video from your computer screen,
and then edit it inside Camtasia. The only problem is that you have to
purchase this software. The good news is that there is a free trial available from the website.

But, there is even better news. The same people that make Camtasia also offer Jing.
Jing only allows you to create 5 minute videos, but it is absolutely
free =D. The website does want you to make an account, and sign up for
the newsletter from TechSmith,
the creators. But the software works really well, allows you to capture
videos and photos, and then it gives you a link to share with others.
Here’s a quick video I created, that shows you what it looks like and what it does.