All Up in Your MySpace

Well, we've finally taken the plunge (aka: I rearranged my priority list) and now have a MySpace page. Our URL is: That's one New Year's resolution that won't actually have to make it on the list.

We're just starting out and there isn't much up there yet (partially because MySpace is having all kinds of annoying technical difficulties today) but we're on our way to a great page. As I'm sure you've already heard, MySpace is just one of the ways that libraries can market themselves and meet the needs their patrons. How are we meeting our patrons' needs with this seemingly trivial, flashy, annoying website? By taking our services to the patrons, instead of just making them come to us. You already know they're on MySpace, they spend hours on it everyday at your public access computers. We're also sending a message. One that says "Yes, we are paying attention to you. We know what you're interested in and we care about that." It also, hopefully, shows that libraries can and will adapt to the rapidly changing culture around them.

So, if you're on MySpace add us! If you haven't got your own page yet, maybe this can be the incentive you need to try out this neat social software. Come on, see what the buzz is all about. I dare you.