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Ingress: Location Based Sci-Fi Scavenger Game

A young adult who used to come to my Teen programs stopped by the library yesterday. He’s been playing an augmented reality, location-based game called Ingress, and he was excited to share it with me. While the game began on the Google Play store, the app now has a version available on the App store

StumbleUpon this!

As many of you know, Pinterest has exploded in the last few years. While this is a very popular website featuring DIY projects and funny (often true?) pictures, the original website or source of the shared content is not always linked to the pin you are looking at. However, a similar discovery engine, StumbleUpon, allows

YPULSE: Youth and Millennial Marketing

I’m all about stealing other people’s great ideas (which is why Creative Commons is such a great idea for me hehe). Now my boss (the awesome Karen Yother) likes to refer to it as “not reinventing the wheel,” and others comment, “that everyone remixes used ideas.” Either way, this week’s post is thanks to (the

5 Random Apps to Try

So I know we’ve mentioned Netted by the Webbys before, but they continue to do a fantastic job locating interesting things to try around the internet. Here are five apps/sites they mentioned recently that you might enjoy: Quotery Discover famous quotes and start your own personalized collection. Glide Send and receive video messages instantly; watch

Trials and tribulations with the Coby Kyros tablet

I was actually anxious to get my hands on the Coby Kyros tablet in the gizmo garage and give it a try. These tablets are android based and retail for around $100 or less. I wanted to see if these inexpensive tablets can do just as good a job as a more expensive iPad, and

TV devices and apps in the library

During one of many great conversations during our SPLAT Magic Valley adventure, Gena mentioned adding the Roku to our gizmo garage. I blurted out, “Isn’t the Roku going away and turning into just an app?” Of course I said this in a cloud of fatigue and hunger after a long day of travel. There was