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How to teach science

Seth Godin has a great blog post today on how to teach science. His 4 main points were: 1) Start with the method 2) Science makes sense, it’s not magic 3) Then the vocabulary 4) Metaphors are how we understand As I read through, I realized this is also a great list to use when

The Idea Lab – How do we use it in the library?

The Idea Lab is the SPLAT team’s new resource for librarians across the state. It is an opportunity to explore and test new ideas without having to sacrifice a tight budget on something new. Currently it is stocked with Maker Space ideas, the hot new trend in library services. As the SPLAT team has travelled

What I’ve Learned from SPLAT

My SPLAT term ends in January, which got me reminiscing about my experiences over the past three years. And, though I’m sad to move on (life keeps getting busier, I find), I’m excited to see the new ideas and innovations SPLAT will continue to provide to Idaho libraries and librarians. Before I go, though, I’d

Kibo Robot: Coding in the Real World

Coding is a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) topic that is getting a lot of press right now, and rightfully so. Moving into the future, students and employees with coding skills will have an advantage moving into school and into the workforce. Luckily, there are a lot of free resources that can get you

Am I a librarian?

There have been many changes at my library recently, and they’ve gotten me thinking about what it means to be a librarian. I’m sure many of you have seen the memes about various professions. Here’s one about librarian’s. There are other versions of this, but this one rings true to me. I spend my days helping

Is Windows 10 right for libraries?

The last week of July Microsoft released Windows 10. This began the countdown clock for the free upgrade for the next year. I’m sure there are a lot of libraries in the process of upgrading. Free certainly is appealing. But is it right? With technology it is best to try and stay up to date

The Pew Reports Are Strangely Fascinating

I hope I’m not the only one who thinks that the Pew Reports have some very interesting information (if so, I have to thank the Pew researchers for doing this all just for me!). They have done reports on library use and on technology before, but their latest survey is about social media and the

Getting Started with 3D Design

For the past three summers, SPLAT members have roadtripped their way through the rural parts of Idaho (which means we have a lot of places to choose from), showing off innovative technology, and starting conversations about the future of libraries. We just finished our 2015 Roadtrip through Eastern Idaho, and it was a bunch of

Can you use Linux on public access computers at a library? Yes!

I have long believed that Linux could be more widely used in the library, especially on public access computers. It’s another thing to actually experiment with a Linux OS on public access computers. Would there be push-back from patrons and staff? A few months ago I had the opportunity to actually try it. My library

Wireless Hotspots For Loan

Last month, Seattle joined the ranks of cities such as Chicago and New York City in offering wireless hotspots for loan at their public libraries (see the nifty New York Public Library page here) . The Seattle Public Library’s HotSpot can connect up to 15 devices to 4G LTE and 3G networks, and also change