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Have you tried JumpScan?  It looks like a great next step to coallesce all of those social networking sites into one access portal.  For those of you with the technology, I would love to hear your comments.


Using Mobile Technology in the Classroom

 Barbara Schroeder, Associate Professor, Department of Educational Technology, Boise State University, provides a great list of suggestions on how to incorporate mobile technology in the classroom.  She covers everything from twitter to QR Codes.  She keeps it simple, as well as provides tips for teachers on how to advocate for use in the

Getting Permission

At our last SPLAT meeting we discussed work-life balance issues, the culture of libraries and the future for attracting library staff.  While we immediately gravitated toward why working in libraries may not provide an individual with the ideal work-life balance, we did recognize that it is a personal responsbility also.  This led to several creative

SPLAT Rocks!

Another great -- energizing day -- meeting with SPLAT!  What an awesome group!  Conversation ranged from use of mobile devises in Idaho libraries to user-centered services.  In between times, we touched on SPLAT-I-Ket, unconference, and QR codes.

Kudos to Amy and Memo who have been busy preparing for presentations about SPLAT at Reference Renaisannce in Denver,

Collaborative Tools

This is a great visual of collaborative 2.0 tools by Robin Good

Reminds me of this visual I found yesterday --- but with links! 


QR@ Codes for Libraries

At the last SPLAT meeting, Memo brought up the topic of QR2 codes -- here is some more information from Ning Library 2.0

Tech Trends MidWinter ALA 2010

This is a great hour-long overview of what did and didn't happen at ALA Midwinter in Boston in January 2010.  Four techys give their 10 minute overview with a few Q&A's.  You will hear about

Top 5 Web 2.0 Start-ups to Watch in 2010

As listed by PC World -- check out Backtype, Evernote, Kosmix, Psterous, and Shout'em .. everything from cloud computing to a secure microblogging network!

Cool Clouds

It displays using “nodes”…



Building Library Communities using 2.0 Web Tools

Here is a great blurb for what is happening in Taiwan .... Click on it to make it readable

It only takes two to start a community -- you can do it today!