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Which Idaho Library will be first?

Fab Lab!

Fayetteville Free Library is having the grand opening of a new public service -- "Fab Lab" on April 14!  What is a Fab Lab?  Check out the website and see: 

So where will Idaho's first Fab Lab be?  Or is there already one I don't know about?

Disruptive Technologies! Oh My!

Charlene Li provides a couple of thought-provoking presentations via  "Preparing for the Future of Social Media" and "Disruptive Technology Outlook 2011" -- take a few minutes to view and reflect how the use of social media is changing the face of your library as well as how your library is handling

Discover Tech / ALA

An interactive, traveling exhibition called Discover Tech:  Engineers Make A World of Difference will be touring September 2012 to June 2014 and is made possible by the National Science Foundation.  Only 8 sites will be selected ... wouldn't it be cool if one of those sites were in Idaho? For more information go to 

SPLAT Turns 6!

Happy Birthday to the Special Projects Library Action Team! This summer marks the sixth year that the Idaho Commission for Libraries-sponsored group has been working throughout the Idaho library community. This group -- an output of the 2020 Futures Conference held in 2005 -- was charged to serve in a crow's

Internet Librarian Day 1

A day packed full of speakers, thoughts to ponder, and new information ... take aways include:

  1. Teaching is something that is done to you while learning is something you do to yourself.
  2. John Seely Brown brought up the point that there is a new culture of learning -- it requires tinkering, playing, creating new knowledge

Transformative Librarianship

The Idaho Library Association Annual Conference participants were challenged by nationally-known library futurist Joan Frye Williams to view librarianship as tranformative.  Rather than looking at the traditions, rules, and perceptions of librarians -- view librarianship through the following filters:

  • Generosity
  • Flexibility
  • Trust
  • Hope
  • Teamwork
  • Laughter
  • Gratitude

Joan noted that the reality is technology "jerks" you around -- human nature is more reliable, more


I just ran across this post by Greg Notess:  SearchTeam: Collaborative Asynchronous Searching -- looks like it has lots of possibilities, especially if you are working on a group research project -- or any other type of collective activity.


  1. It accepts logins from other sites (don't have to create a new account/login)
  2. Doesn't require simultaneous online

Emerging Genres

In my exploration this morning, I came across this post about emerging genres in literature:  -- Cashier Memoirs and Twitter Novels?? There is always something to write about!

The previous blog post is Bookworm's Guide to the IPad:

lots of interestin resources for those who have IPads!

Transformational Literacy

An OCLC presentation at ALA Mid-Winter in January -- gave pause for thought.  Life is a series of transitions -- moving from one life stage to another -- from toddler to school-age to tween to teen to young adult to middle age to senior status (and a whole bunch of smaller transitions in between).  So this presentation