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5 Random Apps to Try

So I know we’ve mentioned Netted by the Webbys before, but they continue to do a fantastic job locating interesting things to try around the internet. Here are five apps/sites they mentioned recently that you might enjoy: Quotery Discover famous quotes and start your own personalized collection. Glide Send and receive video messages instantly; watch

Cover: Context Sensitive Lock Screen

Typically speaking, I like to test drive a website or app before I write about it (and I would test drive this one for you, but I don’t have a smart phone, and that somewhat diminishes my ability lol). But this one is super cool, and I have it on pretty good authority (TechCrunch, The

OneTimeBox: Share Files with No Account

Sometimes I think that I am a terrible Web 2.0 user. In a feigned attempt to protect my privacy, I don’t let my browsers remember my passwords, and I don’t have a dedicated device to call my own. For those reasons, if I want to send something on Dropbox, I have to remember my login.

Slideshare: Get Your Presentations Out There!

In my perusals and journeys through the library infosphere, Slideshare is a website that I have stumbled across multiple times. Basically, instead of presenting a PowerPoint and have your participants forget it in a couple of hours (unless they took notes or you just knocked them dead of course), you could just share

Jing: Screen Video Capture

For a little while now, I've wanted to know how to capture video from my computer screen. If you click the "Print Screen" button on your PC, you can get a picture of your screen and then paste it into a program. But, I've seen several companies make tutorials and introductions while recording what they

World Without Internet

I just received an Infographic from, and I thought it posed an interesting question: What would the world look like without the internet?

This particular Infographic doesn't get into it, but how would libraries change? How would job searching change? How would the world change?

World without Internet

Blekko: Slash the Web!

So once a quarter myself and other members of SPLAT get together and talk about cool websites, trends, and the future of libraries in Idaho and beyond. Blekko is something that has come up at a couple of meetings, so I wanted to share it with you :)

Blekko's primary elevator speech is

Please Don’t Stop the Music =D

Ever need a quick music fix? Ever need to hear a song that you don’t have on your iPod? Ever need an awesome playlist fast?

When music first started going digital, these things were a little harder

A Dropbox in the Clouds

This week, I took a look at a small guide from Google. It is entitled 20 Things I Learned about Browsers and the Web. The subtitle is, “things you’ve always wanted to know about the web but were afraid to ask.” Interestingly, there were

Opting Out of Copyright

I was flipping through my email this morning, and found an article in Library Journal that dealt with the Google Books Settlement. This settlement is important to libraries, because it deals with issues of copyright and Google’s access to out-of-print works. Google has offered a