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I'm a big fan of open source software. I also play the baritone horn in the local community band. One of the other members of the band also plays the baritone horn, but, while I learned to play the baritone horn reading music written in bass clef in the key of C, my companion, who

Which FOSS Web Content Management System?

In July Amy asked this question on the SPLAT! Facebook page: “What’s the best open source platform (content management system) for managing web content?” At the time I slipped into reference desk mode and asked for clarification: “The best open source platform for managing web content is going to depend on what you want your

Scribd – the “Netflix of Books”

In the last couple of months I’ve had several people ask me about Scribd ( So, I thought I’d take a few minutes to let everyone know what I’ve learned about it. Scribd has been around since 2007 and is currently made up of two components – an “E-book” section for publishers to market and

F-ree and O-pen S-ource S-oftware at FOSS4LIB

I've written a couple of times in the last year about open source software because the VALNet consortium, the consortium my library district belongs to, began using the Koha open source ILS last April and because we at the Latah County Library District decided to start loading all of our new public computers with Libre

Synchronize Bookmarks Between Computers with XMarks

I don't have a  lot of bookmarks on any of the computers I normally use.  I just don't spend a lot of time surfing the net and when I do, I don't bookmark pages.  I figure that if I can get to,,, and Google, well, what else do I need?  I figure


About a week ago a friend of mine told me about Privacy Fix – a new add-on for Firefox and Chrome – that helps users identify holes in your privacy settings on your Facebook and Google accounts.  PrivacyFix can also help you see which websites are tracking you.

I downloaded it and liked how

Common Core links at ILA Region 2

I'm sitting here at a table with Ann Joslin, Tom Ivie, John Pool, and Lynn Baird at the ILA Region 2 Conference and during Cori Mandle-Bromley's keynote address there was a discussion of the Common Core Curriculum and what it means for Idaho libraries. One of the questions that came

SPLAT at ILA Region 2 Conference today

I'll be at the Idaho Library Association Region 2 Conference this afternoon in Moscow with Jennifer Cromer, so be sure to say "Hi," or "Hello," or "Great to see you," or "Who are you anyway?" if you're also attending.

I'll be the guy in the "White and Nerdy" sweatshirt.

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Open Source Software Learning Opportunity

Everyone in the library world is probably at least a little bit familiar with open source software.  A lot of people are using open source web browsers like Firefox and Chrome and the open source office suite Open Office has been around long enough that the software has forked into two branches –