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A Story of a 3D Printer and a Library

Boise Public Library was not part of the “Make It” program through ICfL. However, BPL has an amazing Friends of the Library group that gave the library some funds to buy a 3D printer and supplies. We chose a Makerbot Replicator 2.0 and are using PLA filament. Here’s a little of how our story went:

How am I supposed to KNOW that?

There is a frequent library customer who uses the phrase, “How am I supposed to know that?” whenever he’s learning about something new, especially when it comes to computers. How is he supposed to know? He isn’t supposed to know. But he might have to learn. We all have to read, watch, or try stuff

No more Google Reader?

I found this news to be crushing--at first. I rely on Google Reader both at home for personal use and at work to keep up on all kinds of great content. Lifehacker says Feedly is the best replacement for Google Reader, but I found The

How Pinteresting…

Pinterest is an online corkboard for organizing your life. Why should libraries care? Pinterest can be a really powerful way of connecting with your customers. Pinterest can show your library’s personality, vision, and mission like no other social media tool. Example: If you go to my personal facebook page

You + Me = Procrastination

As a new SPLATer, I have been meaning to post to the SPLAT blog for over a month now; I felt this would be an appropriate first post for me. I recently finished reading The Procrastination Equation, by Piers Steel, PhD. If you procrastinate, this book is filled with all kinds of great information (according to