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Mobile Access 2010

No original content here, but I wanted to draw your attention to this Pew Internet Survey about who is using the mobile web. From the New York Times, "The study found that African-Americans and Hispanics continue to be more likely to own cellphones than

Surprising data about online librarians

WebJunction just posted some survey results on Facebook.  They asked a random sample of WebJunction members for information about online activity, and there are some surpsising results.

For instance only 49% of survey respondents are using listservs.  And, the numbers go DOWN for an assortment of social media and  educational tools.  This leaves me puzzled, because

What do you use the library for?

When I was young, like Nancy Pearl, I went to the library for a calm from the storm of my own home. I found great solace in reading. When Nancy Pearl came to visit a few weeks ago and talked to a crowded room at Boise Public Library, I was reminded of all the reasons

Cloud Computing, My Library System and Me

I was just reading the Librarian in Black's Blog from yesterday about Cloud Computing and it reminded me that I have been wanting to post about cloud computing and how it is changing my library and the way I save and access information. 

I love the term "cloud computing" because it

eReaders for Android

I purchased a smart phone in November 2009 for the first time, and since my phone is Android based I had a hard time vetting the right eReader for it. You may disagree with me, please do, in fact. I may be wrong, so I hope to learn more about this from anyone reading this. 

QR Codes & books

It seems I have been seeing more and more mentions of QR (Quick Response) codes in my daily web intake. I've mentioned QR Codes before, but today I came across two instances where QR codes are being used to augment (see Amy's post about augmented reality & video link about it here)

I want a tool that I can use everywhere for everything!

I love my iPhone.  Anyone who has seen me in person in the past few years knows that.  Note taking? Check.  Find information? Check. Music and video viewing?  Check?  Camera? Check.  Games?  Check.  Fancy gadgets and tools (aka "apps")? Check.  Email? Check. Fun? Check.  Pocketsize (the ultimate in portability)?  Check.

But I couldn't just plug my

Trend Tracking

I saw this article today in American Libraries about "Trend Tracking" for librarians . According to this article, tracking trends has become a business of itself. Apparently it is also called "Cool Hunting" . 

The author of the

QR Codes: more than meets the eye

Wikipedia's mobile websiteMeet the QR Code: the square, black and white pixelated box on your left. It's a loaded barcode. An image meant to be read via laser by your smartphone. The image contains data much like a barcode, only think of it as a

My Dream Library: “Library as Working Room”

As a young idealist I often thought that when I "grew up" that I would create a library full of objects, and not just books. I imagined turning a museum from a place where we look at objects into a library where you can check objects out and use them and learn more