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Collaborate to Succeed!

Our presentation at Reference Renaissance 2010!

Successful technology program at the Library! at Collister

At my branch we noticed that during these tough economic times that our patrons needed one-on-one trainings to become technologically literate. So some amazing staff at the Library! at Collister (a branch of Boise Public Library) came up with this program to have the community help the community called the

Reference Renaissance, Twitter and you.

SPLAT members Memo Cordova & Amy Vecchione will present at Reference Renaissance  on August 9, 2010. Why is this awesome? Well, for one, we’ll be talking about SPLAT at one of the best reference services conference in the U.S. Second, we’re using the power of Twitter to keep you up to date and to

Put your library on the (Google) Map

Is your library in Google Maps? Want to add your own info to it? Then own up your library's listing on Google Maps and make it better by displaying your library's unique information in Google Places. Check out the video below on how to get started.

Project Reference

Library world it is time to take a lesson from reality TV and the show Project Runway. Joe Janes, The Internet Librarian wrote an inspired article asking library professionals to be more creative with finding reference sources. He starts by imagining a world without Google and Wikipedia. His article appeared a few weeks aga in

“I Searched Google For Two Weeks And Found Nothing.”

The reference desk is the front line of the library. The reference desk is where people ask all sorts of questions, tell you all kinds of things, and let you in on little secrets, sometimes. If you are lucky you will gain insight. If you are perceptive you will recognize that those insights can be

Internet Librarian: Most Inspiring Conference

I've been to many library conferences, but the most inspiring conference I ever attended was Internet Librarian in 2008. I gained all kinds of tools that I needed to accomplish a huge grant project I had inherited. Not only did I get to network with some really impressive individuals, but I was able to gain

User Experience and Touch Points

Aaron Schmidt is a library visionary who I really respect and admire. Why you ask? He is a great figure head for library innovation because he asks library professionals to put themselves in the shoes of their patrons and look at library services from

Tethering w/Your Android Phone


When is the last time you went to use your laptop and there was no wireless? If you have a smartphone you can actually hijack the 3G network to get wireless on your laptop! I've had to use it twice so far this month: once in the

Enhancing Reality?

There are always new technological tools being created and disseminated and, much like web memes, they can catch on fairly quickly and spread as more individuals make use of a service/tool/technology to make their lives, both personal & professional, enriched by experiences. For example, I've been noticing increased interest and use of QR Codes