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Google eBooks–you’re surprised, aren’t you?

It was inevitable, but Google Books, just like Amazon, Apple and the rest, has unveiled an eBook service, where your books live "in the cloud" and can be downloaded to a variety of devices (in one BBC article, I read that Google's service is "device agnostic"):


QR codes & its uses

Check out this fantastic slideshare from one of the Internet Librarian 2010 presenters. It has tons of great info and lots of visuals.

Bridging the Gap Between Print and Digital Environment

Move over Power Point there is a new and hip kid in town

Ever found yourself wishing for an alternative to Power Point- perhaps wanting dynamic visual representations and something open source. Look no further... for Prezi is here. It is free and really easy to use. So go sign up and start playing. Thanks to my coworker Alex for sharing this great site.

The Happiness Advantage

The Happiness Advantage: The Seven Principles of Positive Psychology That Fuel Success and Performance at Work by Shawn Achor


The Happiness Advantage Book Cover

This is absolutely a must read for all professionals. This is a very scientific book that goes in depth into positive psychology. Want to get more

RockMelt: Your Social Media Internet Browser

RockMelt is a customizable browser that has a look and feel like Chrome, but with extra functionality. The left (Friend Edge) and right sides (App Edge) of the screen can be customized to meet your social networking needs. This is code for: you don't need to have multiple apps and multiple tabs or windows

mobile technology in libraries


There's An App For That from the ALA Office of Information Technology Policy

Steps to Start Your Own SPLAT

1. Think about your scope: statewide? library wide? city wide? 

2. Find like minded individuals and get together with them

3. Use systems thinking to solve deeper issues - don't wipe up the leak, fix the thing that caused the leak

4. Look out for new trends and vet them for library use

5. Get a group together that

Internet Librarian: my schedule, my presentation

I will be heading to Internet Librarian next week!! I will be presenting with Memo Cordova on SPLAT as a model for libraries, states, counties or regions.

SPLAT is a statewide collaborative that seeks innovation and trends in libraries, vets these

Incorporate Social Media Into Your Teaching and Libraries!

This video really caught my eye: 

A principal wants to ban social media at school because of bullying and encourages parents to ban it as well. Why not fight bullying with greater education? Have meetings with parents to teach parents about social media. Learn how to use social media to feed your Personal Learning Community

SPLAT Unconference is Requesting Your “Cool Sites”

Participants in the SPLAT Unconference at ILA have some "cool sites" to share.  EVERYONE -- unconferencer or not -- is welcome to participate!  Just list your favorite cool site by entering a "Comment" to this post!