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I've been thinking about some of the ways to showcase my work. I have a Selected Works account, which showcases my academic pursuits including articles, presentations, etc. But some of my less tangible work, like social capital in my social media networks, is harder to quantify or even qualify. 

I found from a colleague, and

Ode to a smart phone

I got my iPhone less than a week ago, and already I am almost sleeping with it on my pillow! The device did inherit a 'home' from my old cell phone (ie. the cell phone pocket of my purse) but it seldom goes there.  Instead, my device is beside me for phone calls, of course, but also for bringing me emails

SWILA presentation – Mobile Tech: Trends & Tools

My presentation for the Southwest Idaho Library Association (SWILA):




Suprising truth about Motivation!

I am an avid followe of TED- an amazing wesbite devoted to showing short videos from experts in a myriad of fields. Their slog is "Ideas worth Spreading." Daniel Pink's grounbreaking book Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us explores what really motivates people in the 21st century. The books is a page

Compassionate Leadership

I consider my leadership style to be holistic and compassionate. But what does that really mean? Well here is a short blog on 5 ways to lead with more compassion and I also think it serves as an excellent customer service model as well. You don't have to be a manager to lead with compassion-

Boise State University, the Albertsons Library, and the SPLAT connection

Boise State University has been going full-steam ahead with mapping out strategies and initiatives that utilize mobile technologies to augment student/faculty teaching and learning--and the Albertsons Library has been in the middle of it.

As teaching faculty and librarians (and SPLAT members!) Amy Vecchione and I are involved in several committees that provide support and

Free eBook for the Big Read: Call of the Wild

Locally, our Big Read in the Boise area is Jack London's book Call of the Wild. The amazing events calendar is full of activities I can hardly wait for:

This book was published in 1903, and therefore is in the public domain. That means it is free for you to read as an

Using Facebook In Instruction

I have used Facebook to connect with my students, and library patrons. They hop onto Facebook and send me questions, either on my wall, or via messaging. They chat with me instantly if I happen to be on there, and this sends them a message: Amy is here and available for me to talk to.

Google Chrome OS & CR-48 (or, the future!)

On Tuesday, December 7, 2010 Google announced the deployment of its Chrome Opearating System (OS) to a live audience (see above) and streamed the presentation via YouTube. The presenter talked about how Google wants everyone to use the

Millenials & Libraries: How can we meet their needs?

"It's not about manipulation. It's about showing respect for what they need." - MySpace

I think it is crucial for anyone working in libraries today to "get it" and understand what millenials want. Anyone working in libraries today needs to learn about the ideas