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Posted with permission from Greg Liken @ Meridian District Library. Be sure to check out their blog!

Librarians at Boise State University have the right idea. They've got their philosophy of service posted on a sign right out front: "Questions answered here, even the silly ones." How cool

Get SPLAT-ed in Moscow!

IM, BLOG, text messaging, SKYPE, JYBE…  For many of us, these words are almost a foreign language!  Yet, they represent the tools and skills of our digital native library users.  How can we keep up?  Where can we start?  We can begin by doing something that librarians excel at—learning.

What’s the best way

Do you Skype?

Here's a cool service you can try out and let your patrons know about - Skype. By going to here you can download free software that will let you talk to anyone anywhere in the world who also has Skype downloaded onto their computer. It looks a little like an instant messenger

Blog Day 2006 – Share!

August 31 was 3log Day 2006 (the 3 looks like a 'B' in case you’re wondering) where one is encouraged to explore and get to know five new-to-me blogs, and to share five of your favorite blogs with everyone else.   So, in that

Robot Creations

LEGO Mindstorms NXTWhen you work in Youth Services, shortening days and cooler temperatures mean that Fall Programs are almost starting. Here at the Ada Community Library, I'm getting excited about my new Robot Creations program for ages 6-12.

Robot Creations was inspired by my first success with

Jerome Public’s teen area rocks!

Jerome's new sound dome!A highlight of the newly remodeled Jerome Public Library has to be the new teen area. The library now has a dedicated space for teens, something that was lacking before the expansion. This area has a new “sound dome” where teens can select--by remote control-- from

My Space Craze

I think I read somewhere that 40% of Internet use revolves around MySpace.  (If anyone knows where i may have read this, please add the reference.  Thanks!)  When I first saw my next door neighbor posting pictures of herself and her friends on it, I was a little freaked out.  What about safety?! I wondered. 

Social software: online word processors

I love finding stuff that makes my online experience easier, especially when I find websites that do things well and are free. In this case I'm referring to web-based word processors. Find a computer with Internet access, write your paper/recipe/hunting accident, and save it online. Come back

My Library Trading Card

anna's trading card

Well I'm feeling pretty good about getting my very own librarian trading card created. It was pretty simple too! The format has already been created and all you have to do is insert the picture and the info and out comes this nifty

Digital Natives in Magic Valley

I was pleasantly surprised to find that today's (7/22/06) Library Link of the Day features a newspaper article from The Times-News in Twin Falls, ID. The article's titled "Libraries Adapt to Attract New Generation" and is well-worth a few minutes of your reading time.

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