We did Ani-May-tion Month…and it was great!

For the month of may we decided to do four different kinds of animation with our maker space.  Our first day was flip books. This showed the kids how we use sequencing and steps as we animate.  How we need to go step by step in creating a stop motion animation.  The next step was to use legos. This was SO much fun.  We used old iphones and ipods  to take the pics and built animation stages. ( https://youtu.be/4YRPvvjoz-w  )  Here is one example of the  lego videos we made.  Our next step is to use green screens and make movies with cameras.  This project basically cost us nothing.  But we made huge strides in knowledge and experience.  Our final project will be using clay for animating.  This should be the hardest to manipulate and control but we have high expectations and a positive attitude.  Wish us luck!  If you want to see more of our projects you can find us on FB using VTL makerspace.  Go Maker Spaces and GO LIBRARIES!


Rasheil  Stanger