Cover: Context Sensitive Lock Screen

Typically speaking, I like to test drive a website or app before I write about it (and I would test drive this one for you, but I don’t have a smart phone, and that somewhat diminishes my ability lol). But this one is super cool, and I have it on pretty good authority (TechCrunch, The Verge, engadget, and my buddy who has really enjoyed using it) that its worth checking out.

Cover uses context (like location, time of day, and what apps you use certain times) to tailor your lock screen with useful apps. The main idea is that it places different apps on your lock screen depending on when and where you are, and also learns what apps you use most frequently so they are easily accessible.

The other key element is speed and convenience. You can peek at an app by pulling it halfway across the screen, or open it all together by pulling all the way across the screen. Cover also makes it easier to switch between apps. If you hold down the upper right of the screen when an app is open, it gives you suggestions on apps typically switch to while having that app open.

P.S. This is one of those apps that is just for one platform, but instead of only being available for iOS, this is only available for Android. If that makes you happy, let me know. If that makes you sad, please take your complaints to Apple 😉 jk, but please do let me know what you think!

P.S.S This app is still in Beta, but its fully functional at this point.

Cover-The Right Apps at the Right Time