Have you heard of LibraryBox? LibraryBox is a cool, new tool libraries will use for the distribution of materials.

What is it?

A device that works with a device’s WiFi capability (like an ipod or smartphone or laptop) to transmit materials. LibraryBox does not require Internet access, and does the file sharing from the box to the user’s device without an Internet connection. A LibraryBox can be anywhere and house books, music, movies, videos, documents, or anything else electronic and people can download those things without Internet access.

From the Library Box website:
LibraryBox is designed to enable the distribution of digital information to areas with little or no Internet access, even off the grid. It does so using open source software and very inexpensive hardware, allowing the distribution of LibraryBox hardware at a far lower cost than other solutions.
LibraryBox is designed to be safe and secure. No logins are required and no user data is logged. The system is purposely not connected to the Internet in order to prevent tracking and preserve user privacy.

Library Box is a small, inexpensive router with a USB drive that is totally portable and does not require Internet access to serve out materials.

Why would libraries be interested?
Take your LibraryBox on your bookmobile.
Take your LibraryBox to the Farmer’s Market.
Take your LibraryBox to schools.
Take your LibraryBox to …. What are your ideas????

How do I get it?
Make your own, easily!

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