Getting SPLATTY Across Idaho

This week, SPLAT members had the chance to visit two libraries and share their experiences using mobile devices and Overdrive. On Monday, we visited the Kuna Library and brought devices from the SPLAT Gizmo Garage for staff members to play with during their morning meeting. We had a great time discussing the differences between e-readers and tablets and offering advice on troubleshooting Overdrive issues. On Tuesday, we spent a few hours at the McCall Public Library. The wonderful staff at McCall had let their customers know about our visit, and we had a line of people waiting for one-on-one help with their tablets, laptops and e-readers. McCall is part of the Idaho Digital Consortium, which has arranged to offer eBooks through Overdrive for their customers. Nick Grove, Gena, Shirley and I had the chance to talk to the McCall staff about our experiences using Overdrive and offer some tips for helping their customers access this new resource. SPLAT is planning a tour through the Magic Valley next month, and if you want SPLAT to visit YOUR library this year (along with several awesome devices) just contact Shirley Biladeau at the ICFL.