About a week ago a friend of mine told me about Privacy Fix – a new add-on for Firefox and Chrome – that helps users identify holes in your privacy settings on your Facebook and Google accounts.  PrivacyFix can also help you see which websites are tracking you.

I downloaded it and liked how simple it is to go straight to the spots in my Facebook settings where I could fix problems I found.

Now I have this little square PrivacyFix “Healthbar” widget that sits in the upper right hand corner of my Firefox browser and turns colors if I go to a website that could potentially open up my private data to malevolent forces online.  It turns orange when I’m on a site where I should be cautious – the more orange it is, the more problems there are.  And I can click on this widget whenever I want and PrivacyFix will explain to me what the problems with the website might be.

It’s a pretty new add-on so many sites are not well indexed but PrivacyFix also has a crowd-sourcing add-on for Chrome users that allows anyone to review sites for PrivacyFix.

There is also a nice video from Techzilla that explains the basics of PrivacyFix at

PrivacyFix can be found at