Useful links for managing your online presence

You know that time you asked yourself, “Did I create an account with this website?” Or, “Did I really delete my account, because that was vague.” Or have you wondered lately what apps or websites have access to your personal data?  Well, I have, and I found these awesome sites for managing the security of your personal data and online presence.

Knowem? is a great website that will search across hundreds of websites by username to tell you if that username is available or taken.  If you use the same username, as many people do, this is a GREAT way to check websites, including social networking sites, that list the username in question.  Lots of us create accounts with that brand new, hot website, but forget about it when it cools down.  This is the place to go to find the accounts you’ve forgotten about.  It’s also a great way to see what sites would have a username available, which is quick and dirty for identifying sites that you could use for library marketing.  

Account Killer

So now that you’ve made a list of websites you no longer use and want to delete the account, Account Killer will tell you exactly how to go about it.  Account Killer lists major sites’ instructions for account deletion, and grades those account for ease of use.  Some websites will keep your information for whatever reason, and this site maintains a blacklist of websites you may not feel comfortable creating an account with.  And, for those blacklisted sites, it will tell you how to try to delete your accounts, even providing email addresses for personal requests.  This is a great place to check to see if you even want to create an account for yourself or for your library.  

Privacy Fix

Privacy Fix is a browser plugin that you run (and can install as a browser extension) which tells you what your privacy settings are for apps, Facebook, Google, and more.  This little goodie offers you a handy “fix” link for you to repair or delete access for these sites, and the browser extension will run and rate the privacy of websites you visit.  Privacy Fix also gives you a list of tracking cookies watching you RIGHT NOW.  

My Permissions

My Permissions is a browser plugin you install and run that tells you what apps have access to your data.  It’s a pretty handy tool for seeing who monitors your stuff, and who things they ought to have access to your data.  Run the browser add on and easily remove apps you don’t need that think they’re entitled to snoop your info!  My Permissions also has a mobile app for keeping your smartphone clean.