Blekko: Slash the Web!

So once a quarter myself and other members of SPLAT get together and talk about cool websites, trends, and the future of libraries in Idaho and beyond. Blekko is something that has come up at a couple of meetings, so I wanted to share it with you 🙂

Blekko’s primary elevator speech is that it is the spam free search engine. They use human editors to help eleminate low quality websites that fill other search engines. Who doesn’t want a bunch of ads and lame sites when they are searching (insert hand raise here)?

Another big part of what Blekko does is slashtag searching. What is that? “It is a tool used to filter search results and helps you to search only high quality sites, without spam or content farms.” A couple examples are /date /like /news and /gossip. Each one of these slashtags will limit your search term to that particular subject area. Pretty cool, no?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a big part of many company’s search to be the top results on a search engine. The thinking behind SEO, is that search engines are based on computer programs, so if you know what they are looking for, your website could be higher on the list of results.

Blekko makes this easy by having information on inbound links to a website, when Blekko last crawled (a program that checks out new information on websites that are then used on the search engine results) the site, and how many pages are on that particular site. Just use the /seo slashtag, and you’re on your way. You have to have a Blekko account to use this feature, but it is once again pretty cool.

Blekko also does a Grep once a day. What is that you may ask? They ask their users to submit things they want compared, and then Blekko does a report on it. One example was +1 button vs. FB like button vs. FB share button.

Sound interesting? Well you can easily compare Blekko with Bing and Google to see what you like the most. Just type in a search term and the slashtag /monte, and it will show you results from all three. May the search be with you!