Netted by the Webbys

I am prone to being overly excited about new things. It seems to be inherent to my character, but I’m learning to accept that. With that disclaimer out of the way, this is seriously one of the coolest things! 

If you haven’t heard of them, the Webby Awards are handed out yearly to the best websites in a bunch of different categories. It’s like the Oscars for the web. Totally worth looking at when you have a few spare minutes.

Anyway, the people in charge of the Webbys have created this delightful little daily email that alerts you to 1-3 of the coolest new technologies out there that you never knew existed. In the past week alone I’ve learned about Burn Note (send secure messages like a spy!), Mentor Mob (make “playlists” of stuff you want to learn about), and Nerdy Day Trips (go visit things that nerdy people like). 

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