Transformational Literacy

An OCLC presentation at ALA Mid-Winter in January — gave pause for thought.  Life is a series of transitions — moving from one life stage to another — from toddler to school-age to tween to teen to young adult to middle age to senior status (and a whole bunch of smaller transitions in between).  So this presentation focused on how libraries might position themselves to be of assistance to members of their community — regardles of their transition point.

The presentation is a couple of hours long – – however you can also view individual presentations — pick and choose.

Transliteracy is another term that I became familiar with as I heard it in several places throughout the conference — in otherwords, the ability to easily transition from one tool to another, whether it be print or tecnology oriented.  This will be increasingly important as our world is continually transformed by technology and world events.

Would love to hear your thoughts….