Boise State University, the Albertsons Library, and the SPLAT connection

Boise State University has been going full-steam ahead with mapping out strategies and initiatives that utilize mobile technologies to augment student/faculty teaching and learning–and the Albertsons Library has been in the middle of it.

As teaching faculty and librarians (and SPLAT members!) Amy Vecchione and I are involved in several committees that provide support and consultation to faculty in their research endeavors, and to identify and utilize applications for both Android and Apple systems.

I thought I would share several of the things the Albertsons library is involved with at Boise State University, thanks to the university’s Update, which features stories and news from the campus:

The university’s approach to understand and make use of mobile technology and applications shows that the world is fast becoming hyper connected, and mobile tools (iPads, tablets, smartphones, etc.), applications, and social utilities are quickly becoming the norm, both in schools and the competitive world market–and the library is right in the middle of it.