Reference Renaissance, Twitter and you.

SPLAT members Memo Cordova & Amy Vecchione will present at Reference Renaissance  on August 9, 2010. Why is this awesome? Well, for one, we’ll be talking about SPLAT at one of the best reference services conference in the U.S. Second, we’re using the power of Twitter to keep you up to date and to engage you and the wider conference attendants with our presentation. How? Intrepid SPLAT member Melody will keep track and answer questions from Twitter users about SPLAT who attend our presentation using the Twitter hashtag #refren10 . Awesome? You bet!

Our presentation will be in Session 2, number 5, between 1:30 and 3:00, under the “Report from the Field” entry:

5.2c Collaborate To Succeed: Implementing New Reference Services with SPLAT
Amy Vecchione, Memo Cordova.

You can find more information at the “Conference At-a-Glance” [PDF] link on the Reference Renaissance website.

If you want to keep tabs on what’s happening during our presentation, simply follow the hashtag #refren10. You can also find conference info on Facebook, or you can scan the code below: